Actiontad Site Terms
Please do not de-compile or otherwise disassemble any swf file associated with this website.
Please also understand that any code shown to you is for educational purposes only
and is not guaranteed to work.
If you choose to compile an example you do so at your own risk.
You may not redisplay any information (in any way) from this website without consent from the author.

Addendum: You may copy and redisplay the example codes for educational purposes,
for instance, to ask about some code on a ActionScript related forum or blog.
If you modify the codes significantly, you may then use them however you want.
However, if there is a copyright notice on the code, it must not be deleted no matter how many modifications are made.
The license for the com.actiontad.* and com.actiontadJS.* packages is located in the zip file on the tabageos page.

Privacy Policy
This site does not collect any personal information from you.

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All component zip files are scanned for malicious or harmful software before upload to the server.
According to the authors knowledge they contain no such software.

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