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Tabgeos (tadsters basic game objects) are a set of code classes
designed to aid in structuring and desigining efficient AS3/JavaScript games and applications.

Examples of games made with tabageos include: 'Subsist Zombie Defend The Town' and 'Alien Eradicate' .

Documentaion -
offline docs
online docs

Download the source files - The full actiontad library   AS3 Release date - May 20 2013 tbgs.js update - May 14th 2017
Tabageos HTML5 tbgs.js game library overview
TileSetPainter application for easy map making; TileSetPainter

The zip file includes source code in AS3 and JavaScript(tbgs.js),
an AS3 to JavaScript conversion tool
(written in AS3, it does do basic conversion of inner method details to JavaScript, but you must supply the AS3 text file String)
example files for AS3 and HTML5 games and a .swc of the AS3 tabageos library.
The source files are best viewed in FlashDevelop

Release Notes

March 6 2011 - Beta release

April 18 2011 First stable release - New classes with this release - com.actiontad.gameUtils.BrowserBasedProfiler com.actiontad.gameUtils.MMPreloadedBBProfiler com.actiontad.gameUtils.SimpleLinkedList, com.actiontad.gameUtils.SimpleLinkedListItem com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.ConstrainedPartition; - Updates and bug fixes - Reflex was not implemented in some classes where it was expected to be. Fixed. Classes with multiple main loops, now have all loops stopped during instantiation, those loops now start on subscribe and/or configure. The basicEngine has been changed and expanded for greater performance, planned for the next release will be finished helper classes for this improved basicEngine - SquarePlatformWalker, ConstrainerSprite, and CCSquarePlatformWalker The SimplePlatformEngine and SimplePlatformWalker classes have been optimized. - Documentation released at - www.actiontad.com/basicGameObjects --------------------------------------------------- April 22 ComboKeys creation bug fix - 2 - In classes implementing IKeyControlledObject, the ComboKeys class was instantiated more than once if configure was called after the key object had already been established. The behavior is now to only instantiate the ComboKeys class if it has not already been created, during the configure method. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- May 4 ShipUnderGravity and TriangleShipUnderGRavity - 2.5 - new classes with this release - com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.ShipUnderGravity; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.TriangleShipUnderGravity; --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- June 4 2nd Major Release - AnimationByBlit and TilesetSimplePlatformEngine classes - 3 (major 2) - new classes with this release - com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.AnimationByBlit; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.TilesetSimplePlatformEngine; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.HitlessBGO; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.IHitlessBGO; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.IWithAnimationsSubscriber; - updates - The SimplePlatformWalker and ComputerPlatformWalker classes have been updated. A default horizontal constraint system has been implemented in both. - Documentation has been updated - - Notes - The SquarePlatformWalker, ConstrainerSprite, and CCSquarePlatformWalker classes release dates are postponed. The ConstrainerSprite is similar to a ConstrainedPartition. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- February 21 2012 - 3rd Major Release - isometric package - 4 (major 3) - major new classes with this release - com.actiontad.isometric.SimpleISOEngine; com.actiontad.isometric.SimpleISOBox; com.actiontad.isometric.SimpleBGOISOBox; com.actiontad.isometric.ISOPoint; com.actiontad.isometric.ISOGraphicsManipulator; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.PredDrawnLandEngine; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.AttachableBGO; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.ChildAssigner; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.RPGWalker; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.PDLEWalker; com.actiontad.basicGameObjects.PDLEReactionEngine; com.actiontad.gameUtils.BlithMath; com.actiontad.gameUtils.TweenMath; com.actiontad.gameUtils.Tracer; com.actiontad.gameUtils.IrisScreenOrganizer; - updates - All classes have been updated as needed with minor touch ups here and there. Overall license has changed, see the license file in the zip. TileSetPainter AIR app released, see below. - Documentation has been updated, online documentation added - - Notes - The isometric package is still in beta stages, see the ISOTest and SimpleISOTest in tutorials. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- September 19 2012 - 4th Major Release - geometric and skeletons packages - 5 (major 4) - new packages with this release - com.actiontad.geometric (version 1.2) com.actiontad.skeletons (beta) - Documentation has been updated - - During HitEvents and in the HitSpecs Class, - hitEvent.hitSpecs.theHitter is now just an Object type and not BasicGameObject by default. - the classes related to this change have been updated. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- May 20 2013 - 5th Major Release - geometric and skeletons packages converted to JavaScript also. (beta) AS3 to JavaScript conversion tool classes made public. (beta versions) Release of first JavaScript version of the library with related examples. AS3 skeletons package is now out of beta. Version 1.2 released. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- August 8th 2016 Tabageos JavaScript HTML5 library updated. (tbgs.js) New Classes; BasicCamera SoundSystem SceneryThrower BasicEnemy TravelerWithGravity TileSetPainter Application version 2 update released. ApkMaker tool is in the works for public release, currently in private beta. Minor bug fixes to tbgs.js Code in tbgs.js that is not minified is code that is still being worked on. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- September 3rd 2016 TileSetPainter updated to version 3 Added new array export options; [x,y] array export, stringed [y,x] array export (useful for Java) and a JSON array export option. The drawing is no longer cleared when columns/rows tile width/height are changed. If the stats entered will make the image larger than 5500 pixels, the stats are automatically lowered. The application will now store and remember the last tile set opened. Image export is now .png instead of jpeg. Various bug fixes. May 14th 2017 tabageos.TimeKeeper has been reworked. TimeKeeper.keepTime() no longer needs to be called. Default speed of the TimeKeeper is now 60 frames per second. tabageos.RotatingTraveler and RotatingShooter are out of beta. tbgs.js updated

Tutorials on how to use the AS3 basicGameObjects:

This tutorial goes over the global events idea, and global looping.
Global Events

This is a quick example use of the PreDrawnlandEngine.
Quick Quest

This is an overview of using the TweenMath class.
Basic TweenMath

Examples on how to use tbgs.js for HTML5 games

Using BlithMath and BasicCamera to create a large scene

RotatingShooter example

TileSetPainter Application (version 3.0) easily draw game maps and output map arrays

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