About Tad
I am a ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP, XML, XHTML, and CSS developer.
And I also dabble in some other programming languages and software engineering.

My first experience with computer programming came during seventh grade when I took a Q-basic class.
Ever since then I've had a healthy curiosity about the way computers worked and programming in general.

During college I studied mainly music and music recording, my major was communication arts with an emphasis in digital media.
I took some web design courses but never got really seriously into programming until I graduated in 2004.

Once done with college I spent most of my spare time building websites or coding.
Over the years I found myself focusing on communication between Flash and JavaScript and SWF Security.
I fell in love with the Flash Platform right from the start, and I love being able to make things from scratch;
when ActionScript 3.0 was introduced in '06 I was only too happy.

Actiontad.com started as a way for me to help my long-distance friends learn the basics of coding with pure ActionScript 3.0.
It has turned into an online collection of different examples of applications made with just ActionScript 3.0.

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