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This website is all about ActionScript, JavaScript, games and just whatever I decide to put on here!

ActionScript is the language of the Adobe Flash Player.
All that is required to make basic applications with ActionScript 3.0 is a good
understanding of the language, and the Flex SDK. (Software Development Kit.)

Even though it is called the Flex SDK, it can be used to create non Flex applications,
in other words, just pure ActionScript 3.0 applications.
For more info on using just plain ActionScript files to compile a swf see the simple flv player example.

The great versatility of the language is that the same packaged ActionScript
code can be used from one project to another.
Flex applications can be compiled with a combination of .as and .mxml files.
ActionScript files can be used as Document Classes within Flash CS4 and up.

This website provides an overview of the ActionScript 3.0 language,
and examples of purely code based applications, and has other AS3 and JavaScript classes that you can use.

One enduring thing about learning AS3 is that it is an easy language with which one can learn good programming practices.
Alot of the good practices in AS3 can be applied to other languages like JavaScript.

This website is the home of the tabageos game library in both AS3 and JavaScript for making games.
You can learn how to make games and also play some of the games that have been made with tabageos.

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